Friday, March 18, 2011

The Cosmic Process

I have been fortunate to receive an especially clear intuition recently into the fundamental nature of creation.

Such moments in my experience which are so precious generally occur unexpectedly in the most unlikely places and are received in a very passive manner as pure unexpected gifts. While they are being received they have the great quality of certitude in that one simply knows that one is experiencing what is most meaningful and intellectually fulfilling. However once the moment has passed - though the initial intuition is generally renewed for a while through a series of lesser insights - they leave little or no trace in memory. Though one may later recall the fact that one had a special vision of reality at a certain time and recall well the accidental events surrounding the moment, one cannot directly relive the experience itself (especially when it is of a pure spiritual nature). Also though one can indirectly attempt translate such an experience into appropriate language through the medium of paradox, without the confirming intuition to which such a translation relates, communication of the event remains largely meaningless to others.

The latest moment when I received such a clear vision occurred a few days ago as I was entering the upper level of a centre city car park here in Dublin where I regularly do my shopping.

This vision pertained to immediate understanding that all reality is created out of emptiness in a present moment that is continually renewed.

So all the phenomena that we necessarily experience in a framework of passing space and time are merely of a relative secondary nature that in many ways only tend to obscure the true vision of what is primary (and ultimately of an ineffable spiritual nature).

In the deepest sense spirit is a continual creation out of nothing though necessarily through intermediate phenomenal veils in relative space and time.

So the entire cosmic universal process spread out in space and time is continually created in the present moment from an underlying nothingness that is also the source - and goal - of all that phenomenally exists.

Much speculation in scientific circles is given over to the origin of the Big Bang. Coincidentally at the same time as this latest vision I came across new book by Roger Penrose "The Cycles of Time" in which he argues that the famed "Big Bang" in fact coincides with a corresponding "Big Crunch". In this way the problem of what happened before the "Big Bang" would be resolved in that it would arise necessarily as the end of a previous universal cosmic cycle.

However when I reflected on this I realised that there would be in fact little meaning to the attempted extrapolation backwards in linear time through an unending series of previous incarnations of the Universe. In other words as all creation essentially takes place in the present moment, we cannot give strict meaning to a Universe that existed before the present one unfolded from the Big Bang that is reputed to have occurred some 13.7 billion years ago.

Indeed as I have repeatedly argued we can give no strict meaning to this figure in any case as measurement of time and space (from within an emerging Big Bang) would bear no direct relationship to the linear notions that we conventionally employ. Indeed ultimately in the context of that initial event such notions would break down altogether.

So if we are to accept the notion of "previous" incarnations of the Universe unfolding from a starting Big Bang event and culminating with a Big Crunch we must accept that all of these necessarily commenced in the same "now".

This would then lead to the fascinating conclusion that what we term the Universe properly relates to a series of multiple universes that are all emerging in the present moment!

What is even more remarkable is the corresponding recognition that our universe is in truth this dynamic interacting series of multiple worlds.

So properly understood each life form constitutes in dynamic terms a unique universe which necessarily interacts (ultimately) with all other universes.

Using the language of physics therefore each universe (as a unique life form) interacts with a multiple series of parallel universes (though all other life forms).

So the key fact about any life - as for example at the cognitive human level - is that it defined as one unique universe in interaction collectively with all other universes (which however it cannot fully access).

My life therefore remains inevitably separate to a degree from your life in phenomenal terms (with both as unique interacting universes that yet possess a common - though never total - shared identity).

The clear implication therefore is that it is only in the underlying source (and ultimate goal) of such multiple interacting universes unfolding in space and time that true reality can be realised as the continual present moment.

In other words life is ultimately spiritual and in this reality we all equally share as the same life force that creates everything that phenomenally exists.

Now we can refer to this life force as God. However my point is that in the truest sense we all are essentially God (in equal measure) as the non-phenomenal source and end of all that exists . So strictly God does not create human beings as dependent creatures, for our truest identity is always simply God in equality with all other life again as the source and end of all that exists.

One other implication of this is that all life in its multiple phenomenal expressions is in truth the incarnation of the same one life i.e. God as continually manifested in finite existence.

In this sense every finite life is continually reborn in creation through multiple individual existences.
In - perhaps - a future generation, someone for example will have a similar insight.
However that person is really you and me experiencing that same insight (though full appreciation of this is not possible in phenomenal terms).

The catch however will always remain that such ultimate realisation cannot come from understanding of form. Rather it is only by utter detachment from all that phenomenally exists that the true spiritual realisation of the nature of our unique - yet - common existence (in God) can simply unfold.