Thursday, July 9, 2015

On the Threshold of Mystery

I have always greatly valued those precious moments of pure spiritual insight where the nature of life - though still utterly mysterious - is clearly revealed. And in that intimate moment of realisation, all questioning ceases.

The latest example of this occurred last week while in deep reflection after receiving the sad news of the untimely death of a close relative.

We are accustomed in scientific terms to tracing out the evolution of our Universe in a somewhat linear manner entailing phenomenal space and time.

And the present conventional wisdom in this regard is that the Universe started its existence some 13.5 billion years or so as a "Big Bang".

However from the spiritual standpoint this is all very misleading! Properly understood from this perspective, the Universe always exists in the absolute present moment.
Thus phenomenal notions of space and time have a merely secondary relative validity, that ultimately can always be shown to be circular and paradoxical.

The very reason why this is not apparent to the scientific mind is that it attempts - misleadingly - to view observed  reality as if somehow independent of the observing mind.

However when one recognises the necessary dynamic interaction as between what is (externally) observed and the (internal) observer, that are relatively positive and negative with respect to each other, phenomenal measurements of space and time ultimately cancel out, in the pure realisation of the present moment (out of which all creation continually unfolds).

So the spiritual insight, I referred to in my opening remarks, related to an especially clear recognition of this simple reality. In the same moment, I could clearly see that the fulfilment of created evolution likewise takes place in the same spiritual moment.

So once again phenomenal notions of space and time, which always carry us towards some future point with respect to the goal of evolution, likewise possess a necessary secondary validity of a merely relative paradoxical nature.

Thus the supreme spiritual insight is the simple realisation that both the source and end of living creation is already "now" in the present moment continually renewed.

Therefore when one attains this basic insight, creation briefly realises its eternal destiny (as its shared absolute identity in God).

This realisation also carries the powerful conviction that all humans - indeed all existence - in truth operate as co-creators of phenomenal reality (in a mutually shared absolute spiritual identity as God).

The following day, I then had the associated insight that the all-important bridge, as it were as between (absolute) spiritual and (phenomenal) created reality is ultimately of a mathematical nature.

Over the years I have slowly come to recognise how limited - and indeed even distorted - are our conventional mathematical notions.
Such notions betray the extreme dominance of the masculine principle.
Thus, from this perspective, Mathematics is seen as a merely rational pursuit geared to the understanding of quantitative type reality.

However in truth, Mathematics possesses an equally important (unrecognised) dimension as the supreme expression of the feminine principle in the refined intuitive understanding of qualitative type relationships.

This if we refer to the former aspect  as the representation of the analytic (Type 1) approach to mathematical understanding, then the latter aspect refers in turn to the corresponding representation of  holistic (Type 2) understanding.

Then the most comprehensive form of mathematical understanding (Type 3) is designed to coherently integrate both masculine and feminine principles in a dynamic interactive manner.

Such comprehensive understanding cannot be abstracted from the need to fully integrate the personality in psycho spiritual terms. This entails that external (objective) is balanced by internal (subjective) recognition and that both cognitive (rational) and affective (emotional) aspects are likewise equally balanced, enabling the equal attainment of both quantitative and qualitative meaning.

Therefore from this enhanced (Type 3) mathematical perspective, all phenomenal evolution is encoded in a mathematical fashion physically and psychologically (with respect to both quantitative and qualitative aspects). And ultimately this mathematical encoding relates to the nature of number!

From the complementary related perspective, phenomenal evolution simply represents the decoded nature of number.

Through this enlightened perspective, the very manner in which matter is "converted" to spirit and spirit in turn "converted" to matter is of a mathematical (Type 3) nature that is ultimately enshrined in number.

Thus the fundamental nature of physical reality is inseparable from the enhanced implicit mathematical realisation of the ultimate nature of number.

Likewise, in what comprises the same experience, the ultimate nature of psycho spiritual reality is likewise inseparable from the corresponding enhanced explicit mathematical realisation of the true nature of number.

Thus the nature of number - which initially may seem as common sense and obvious even to a small child - in truth lies at the very threshold of the deepest possible mystery in both physical and spiritual terms.