Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Perspective on God

While watching the British Open Golf on TV this weekend I had a strong intimation of how realisation of the true nature of God (within each person) could help to banish all fear.

As our true essential being is eternal (as God) then this life can never pass away despite phenomenal death.
All fear and anxiety associated with death relates to the belief that something important is thereby lost. However what is really lost through death is but a temporary pheneoemnal identity bound up with space and time whereby our true identity is God (in the eternal present). Therefore what is truly essential in terms of our lives cannot pass away.

However becoming free of fear while alive in the body requires release from attachment to secondary phenomena. So the fears and anxieties we suffer inevitably relate to such attachments (with ultimately no essential basis).

A view that I frequently have found helpful relates to a scientific context with repect to the Many Worlds Hypothesis.

Properly understood, in correct interactive terms, each life (at whatever level of being) constitutes a dynamic universe (involving the relationship of the individual to the whole).

Therefore what we call the Universe, in dynamic terms represents a vast web of interconnecting worlds or universes.

In this sense though I have at present only direct access to one universe (representing my personal interaction with the whole), from such a perspective all other lives can be interpreted as the same life existing in a multitude of parallel universes to which I have no direct access.

In this way all life can be understood as the same one life endlessly recreated in parallel universes. Again, from this perspective true God realisation represents the ability to see all these (seemingly separate) lives as truly One.
So though each one of us will inevitably die, in a sense we will become endlessly recreated through all other lives continually reborn. All these lives therefore are you and I for ever recreated in parallel universes (existing in space and time).

This also represents for me a more compelling view of the notion of Reincarnation particularly popular in several Eastern religions.

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